Poetry Togethers’ mission is to unite children and the elderly through the joy of poetry!
Last November, Bowfell House residents and children from St Monica’s Primary School collaborated to write and perform a poem about happiness and won a £250 book voucher for the school.
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Our activities coordinator Lauren facilitated four creative workshops to enable the children and residents to create the poem together. Outside of Bowfell House, Lauren works as a freelance poet and facilitator (https://laurentemplepoet.co.uk/).
Everyone had a fantastic time playing games, getting to know each other, and creating metaphors and similes all about what makes them happy. Through the process, the two groups realized that, despite their age difference, they still had lots in common and really bonded with each other.
The children were so understanding and kind with any difficulties that the residents faced with their mobility or dementia. Being around the children enabled the residents to embrace their inner child, as they allowed themselves to be silly and have lots of fun!
Mrs Groves, KS2 English Lead and Assistant Headteacher at St Monica’s, had the following to say about the project: ‘’The children and staff at St Monicas had a fantastic time making friends with the residents at Bowfell House. We learnt lots about each other. We will definitely be keeping our connection with Bowfell House, and I am sure we will be visiting again in the new year.’’
Out of the hundreds of entries, we were one of the few who won the book vouchers, which feels like an amazing feat, and we are very proud of the children and our residents!
We first heard about the project through the Trafford Councils Joint Quality Improvement Team’s newsletter. Then Matt Callaghan (Bowfell House’s Nominated Person), put us in touch with St Monica’s school (as he is a Governor there). We then worked with the Head of English, Heather Groves, to coordinate the project.
Our next project with the school will be a ‘World Book Day’ celebration at Bowfell House in March, where the children, residents and staff will be all dressed up for some storytelling and games.