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Bowfell House is part of a family led business aiming to provide exceptional levels of care and support, to create an environment we would be happy for our relatives to live in.

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Nutrition & Healthy Living

Bowfell House offers fully reviewed meal-time routines, recognising meals and dining experiences are a social highlight of the day for many. High quality nutrition and hydration is central to our offer at Bowfell House.

Our provision is a combination of home-made meals and snacks, combined with our awarding winning catering delivery partner Apetito. This allows us to cater to every taste, dietary and cultural preference as we believe everyone deserves a nutritious meal. Our Apetito meals are packed with quality, nutritious ingredients, created by in-house chefs and dietitians to guarantee they’re as delicious as they are nourishing.

Our in-house kitchen team in addition prepares a wide variety of nutritional offering including fresh breads, homemade soups, delicious cakes and biscuits, full English brunches, delicious pudding, fresh fruit salads and themed and special meals.

Ensuring that residents have a nutritious and well-balanced diet is a crucial part of providing support at Bowfell House as essentially, the food and drink that we consume has a direct correlation to our health, wellbeing and fundamentally our quality of life.

All residents are subject to nutritional and hydration screening using recognised tools to make sure that they are receiving a healthy and well-balanced diet that promotes their health and wellbeing. To support all residents with additional communication needs we have visual aids with simple clear photos and meal descriptions for our main meals each day. We have these displayed outside of the dining rooms so that residents can see in the lead up to lunchtime the options available to them. We also have a laminated option which can be shown to resident sat at the table in the dining room and another which is taken to those who chose to eat in their bedroom due to choice, mobility or isolation.

Our most recent CQC report evidenced that our residents enjoy an extremely positive meal-time experience and were supported to eat and drink enough to maintain a balanced diet.


Our activities team covers a wide range of activities in many venues that cover all of our residents interests. Bowfell house boasts beautiful garden surroundings and indoor rooms as well and offers a variety of places for the residents to go for peace and quiet or fun and games. Our main activities space is the Activities Room, situated on the first floor. We use this space for arts and crafts, flower arranging, knitting club, bingo, word games and much more!

We also like to use the venues all around the home to change up the scenery from time to time! Our games room is always open and some of the residents often like to use this for jigsaws and board games.

We have the library which is stocked to the brim with books! Residents can come here for some peace and quiet or to take part in a quiz whether it be a pub quiz, music quiz or picture quiz! We also have the lounges in which we host many activities! We can have residents participating in our fitness programme which includes our fabulous Motitech Exercise Bike, our classical afternoons, movie nights, active games such as Balloon Tennis or Pictionary. The lounges are so versatile and our dining spaces are perfect for baking and cooking. Residents can enjoy cake decorating, pancake making and pizza making to name a few.

We are extremely lucky to have a hairdressing salon and our own hairdresser as well as a treatment room where the activity staff set the ambience of a spa whilst the residents can relax by getting their nails done and get a massage too! We also love to get the residents out in the garden on sunny days and use the paddling pools and garden games such as bean bag toss, hoopla and a favourite, Hook a Duck.

Here at Bowfell House we are so lucky to have specialised equipment such as the afore mentioned Exercise Bike as well as the Trishaw and the Interactive Table. Our activities Staff are trained to use the Trishaw, a specialised bike with a seat attached, and take the residents out for a trip around Urmston and Flixton. The residents thoroughly enjoy the fresh air and the locals love to see the residents out on the bike.

Our interactive table allows residents to play games, listen to music and learn. With a large screen it is easy to see, and the residents enjoy interacting with others through the use of the table. It is an especially great sensory tool as it’s designed for touch and sound. We have many activities going on inside the home but sometimes we invite people in to mix it up. We offer residents the chance to see performers, interact with pets and other animals as well Christmas Fayres, Garden Parties and visits from the Ice Cream Van. We also enjoy taking the residents out to the local theatre, garden centre and parks as well as to the sea life centre and much, much more as we come out the other side.

Activities are a huge part of our residents mental and physical wellbeing, and all our activities staff can work with groups or with individuals on a one to one basis to help them get the most enjoyment out of an activity.

Activities Timetable Example

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Day in the life of a resident at Bowfell House

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Day starts at a time of your choosing this can be early or later staff are always on hand to support with getting the day off to a good start. Support will be offered to help with personal care needs, washing/shower as required and help to dress appropriately for the day ahead.

Breakfast is served to you in the dining area of the home by one of the Hospitality Team or one of the care Team depending on the time of day. All traditional breakfast options are available to choose from including a selection of cereals, breakfast products toast, teacakes, pancakes, fresh fruit, yogurts, etc. You will always be welcomed with a smile and a brew.

After breakfast you may wish to return to your private room or spend some time in one of the communal rooms within the home, we have lots for you to choose from. We have the main lounges and 4 quiet lounge areas you may wish to visit library, Parlor, games room and if later in the day the Bar.

Morning brews are served to all during the morning, and you will have chance to spend time with new friends. Visitors can come to visit throughout the day, with residents also going out with family. Hairdressing takes place 2 mornings a week so you may wish to join the hairdresser in the salon for a new look.

Lunchtime is a very important part of the day one which everyone looks forward too. This also is served to you in the dining room unless you request for this to be served in your room. We will however encourage you to have your meals with all your new friends in the communal setting. Again, as with breakfast, there is always a choice, we offer a 4-week rolling menu with lots of variety (see Menus), fish and chips each Friday and a Traditional roast each Sunday with a glass of wine or bottle of beer. Input from all our residents of new ideas is always welcome.

After lunch you have the chance to relax in the communal areas within the home or in your private room if you wish. We have a team of activity staff each afternoon waiting to entertain you with an interesting and varied schedule of weekly activities.

Teatime is the next time we all come together each day with a great selection of teatime favorites to enjoy. Soups with homemade bread, hot selection each day and a selection of interesting and tasty sandwiches. Not forgetting some delicious homemade cakes.

After tea, the activity team are around to do some more relaxing activities if you wish to join in or the care team will support you to get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Suppers will be served during the evening, and everyone is free to retire to bed when they wish. Night care team will be on hand to assist as required.

What our residents say...

I love being around people. I am happy here as I have company and friends. I am never alone if I don’t want to be. The staff are absolutely marvelous, they are very special. The staff care for me, they talk to me and look after me.

I feel very safe here, I am looked after and safe. My husband would be very happy to know I am safe here.

I feel happier and stronger than ever. The staff ask me how I am, they help me with anything I need but also help me to keep being able to do things for myself. This is very important to me.

They look after my room and clothes, and the food is great. I am diabetic and they make sure I have the right things to eat.

I feel at home here, very settled and its great my daughter can come and visit me too.

I am a lot younger than most of the other people here, but I am happy here. I don’t have any worries anymore. I feel very safe here. I can ask for help with things and do things myself. My clothes are washed and clean.

I like the environment. It’s like a hotel. My room is great, and I like my bed.

I like the food, there is a good mixture of things, and I can pick what I like to eat. I can have what I like and ask for snacks.

The staff are so nice to me. They chat to me and check I’m okay. The staff and managers take me for walks as I like being outside, even the boss lady. The look after me and make sure I am happy, if I need anything they help me.

It’s just wonderful here and I am so glad I moved to live here. The staff are marvelous, and I really mean that, nothing is ever too much, and everyone is so friendly and kind. I have made lovely friends and the company everyday has been amazing.

I enjoy the lovely food, entertainment, and activities. My room is lovely, clean, and quiet when I want to rest or sleep at night. I have been going to the hairdressers too and even get my nails done. I feel safe and happy here with good company.

I am still new to Bowfell House. I was having a very rough time of things before coming in here and if it wasn’t for here and the staff I am not sure I would have made it.

I am as happy as I can be here. I am safe and that’s very important to me.
The staff are brilliant, and everybody has been great to me.

I get my food and drinks made for me. I like the food and can ask for other things if I don’t fancy what’s on offer.

I feel settled here now. The staff are very kind to me.

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