The residents here at Bowfell House have been enjoying the company of an array of animals over the last few months and it has really brightened their day. It started back in February when our Activities Team introduced “Love Your Pet Day.” Staff and relatives brought in their own animals, mostly comprising of Dogs and Norbert the Long Haired Hamster.

The residents enjoyed it so much that we started thinking of new ways to introduce animals to the home.

One of the Activities Team started to bring in her puppy, Vivien, on a regular basis. Vivien has helped provide so much love and comfort to many people, staff included.

Then we hatched our own chicks! The residents adored looking after the chicks daily and loved watching them grow. They were sad when the chicks had to leave but had thoroughly enjoyed having them.

This is when we bit the Bullet and introduced our very own Bowfell Buddies. Tina, Whitney and Diana are now The Bowfell House Guinea Pigs.

The residents love to feed them watch them and give them cuddles and it is an absolute joy for the staff to see the joy on their faces.

We are still looking at new ways to introduce animals into our home as the benefits it has on the mental well being of the residents is fantastic. Watch this space for some new and interesting animals that may come to visit!