Flixton Girls School were commissioned to undertake a piece of artwork for the site hoarding at an exciting new care home development on the former Flixton library site on Bowfell Road.

During the Ice Age, a boulder was carried by a glacier from the Lake District to Flixton. It was discovered in 1952 and positioned outside Flixton Library.The old library was recently demolished to make way for the new care home, but the rock will remain and become the main feature within a sensory garden.

Flixton Girls Schools’ Create Faculty was commissioned by The Knoll Care Partnership to create a piece of art to tell the story of the ‘Bowfell Boulder’. The year 9 students who received this challenge took photographs of the local area that also linked in to their ‘Structures and Surfaces’ project. The composition shows the story of the boulder using photographs taken by the year 9 students and was inspired by the artists Claire Rollet and Russell Leng. The work has been created using a combination of hand drawn illustrations, photographs and Adobe Photoshop.

A big thank you to Flixton Girls Create Faculty for producing a stunning piece of art that also tells the tale of a famous local landmark. The artwork will soon be erected on the hoarding and we hope to invite representatives from year 9 to the unveiling. When the new care home development is complete it is planned to place the artwork inside the home.

Watch this space for further developments…