We are delighted to launch our new web site which was created with the assistance of Martin McKee from Manchester Made. We chose Manchester Made because of the distinctive style and dedication to detail Martin brings to his projects. We decided to re-develop our web site to coincide with our exciting new care home development, Bowfell (see other news). At the same time, we re-developed our branding with a new logo and colour scheme which we hope will reinforce our key company values. The tree design was chosen to depict the strong family roots and ethos behind our business and the interconnected nature of what we do. We are stronger as a whole, working together, greater than the sum of our individual parts. Coloured leaves recognise the fact that within the wider community, we are still all individuals with different needs and expectations and symbolises the person centred care we strive to offer, as well as recognising the different talents of every member of our team.

We love the look of our new web site and branding, so it’s a big thank you to everyone involved in its creation.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and welcome your feedback.