Age UK conducted research on older people’s mental health in September 2023. The online survey was completed by over 17,000 older people, aged 50+, as well as representative polling of people aged 50+.
Read the report ‘I just feel that no one cares’:…/i-just-feel-that-no-one…
The findings highlight the challenges that people aged 50 and over are facing with their mental health and support needs, with:
• 31% (around 8 million) saying that they felt more anxious over the previous 12 months.
• 34% (around 8.7 million) were less motivated to do the things they enjoy.
• 19% (around 4.9 million) agreed they were finding it more difficult to process new information than they did 12 months previously.
• 27% (6.9 million) were finding it harder to remember things than 12 months previously.
• 39% (around 10 million) told us that they were not sleeping well.
• 26% (around 6.7 million) were concerned about their ability to access mental health support (e.g. talking therapies or counselling).
The research has identified a range of factors impacting older people’s well-being. Some of the factors could be alleviated by improving older people’s access to health and care services. As well as increasing older people’s availability and access to social support and community-based activities.
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