We are celebrating 3 years as a Real Living Wage and Hours Employer!
Find out more here: Living Wage UK
The health and social care sector can be synonymous with high employee turnover and poor staff satisfaction. At Bowfell House we like to do things differently, so the package we offer ensures high retention and a team who genuinely enjoy coming into work. A happy healthy workforce means better outcomes for our residents and the business as a whole.
One element of our package is being a Real Living Hours and Real Living Wage employer. This means all our team are offered permanent and fixed-hours contracts. These contracts are developed in collaboration with the employee based on their preferred number of hours and on a fixed contract basis so they know what hours they work day in day out. Our rotas are published at least four weekly in advance so even though they know their shifts, they can self-select into overtime if desired.
We believe this offers a fantastic opportunity to develop a solid work-life balance and helps in offsetting the anxiety of not knowing what your upcoming shifts may be. Planning childcare provision, booking holidays, taking time to look after members of wider family all become far less anxiety-inducing and easier when you know what you are working. Our turnover rates remain incredibly low for the sector and our team want to provide the very best of themselves to the residents they care for. Having an employer who is flexible and supportive enables employees to feel secure and respected in their workplace.