We were delighted to be invited to the Trafford Council Real Living Wage Launch. Matthew our Director attended and had a great afternoon listening to presentation and networking with other real living wage employers. Great to hear from and chat to Cllr Joanne Haring and Council Leader Tom Ross, who originally opened Bowfell House.

Joanne Harding: “Really pleased to be part of this session today. Making sure in Trafford we are working proactively to reduce poverty and support staff.”

Tom Ross: “It’s important for me, as a Councillor, to make sure that our Council can pay the Real Living Wage for our employees. It’s about having respect and protection for our staff. If people can afford to live, they have dignity.”

Ian MacArthur, Director of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter: “Treat your people right, and they will look after you. It’s as simple as that. It’s called a reciprocal response.”

Matthew found it to be a rewarding afternoon with a community full of Trafford employers and citizens sharing the benefits and experience of paying the Real Living Wage to their economy and employees.