What an experience this was!
It was brilliant to see Keith and Kath, two people with massively different histories with fishing, engage so well with the challenge, happily holding the fish, with Justin guiding them perfectly!
From Justin:
“This afternoon I took my first care home residents out. A lot of Angling coaching focuses on youth and juniors but what about the opposite? We had so much fun catching Perch, Roach, Rudd, Bream & Hybrids, all from the safety of a disabled platform at my local Commercial Moss Farm Fisheries with toilets close and use of the benches from the picnic area. Keith had fished canals in his youth but didn’t remember what to do initially. It was an amazing moment when he started swinging fish in to hand and asked “you got any Caster?” The suppressed memories of his earlier Angling years resurfacing with a cheeky glint in his eye. Kath had never fished before but she was fascinated by the fish & found the wildlife around the lake captivating. Can’t wait to do it again.”
Thanks very much Justin, we look forward to visiting again soon, and giving lots of the residents a chance to experience this!