Message from our Director and Registered Manager Claire for Dementia Action Week 2023 💜
With one person diagnosed with Dementia every three minutes in the UK (Alzheimer’s Society May 2018), Dementia is the single biggest health and social challenge being faced today.
Whilst we have embraced improvements in our physical and mental fitness over the last couple decades, the stigma still associated with Dementia is impossible to ignore. Being diagnosed with Dementia is the number one fear for people in relation to aging and most people admit they don’t know enough about it.
Let’s make some changes, let’s start the conversations. Dementia is not a natural part of aging; Dementia is an illness and there are many lifestyle factors we can adopt now to maintain our brain health.
During Dementia Action Week why not take a look at the work the Alzheimer’s Society is undertaking? Why not have one conversation, or ask one question?
My question to you is: How we can break down the taboo and open up conversation to prevent just one person being diagnosed?