On Sunday 19th May, members of our care team, management and resident friends and families, undertook a “Memory Walk” on behalf of The Alzheimer’s Society. Starting at The Fairways, the intrepid trekkers set off for our new development, Bowfell House, where they were treated to an advance preview tour of the new facility. Following a brief sojourn at The Bird I’th Hand to rattle the charity buckets, it was back on track for the gang as they ventured into Urmston and back down Church Road for further refreshments at The Fairways.

A few of our residents were able to join in on the route with our Activities Coordinators Anna and Rosie having use of the Cycling Without Age Tricycle.

Thanks to all those that made the trip and  for those that have donated to the Charity, we have raised over £1000.00 so far!