Staff and Residents at The Fairways enjoyed a variety of mouth-watering dishes served up by specialist meal provider Apetito.

The Fairways is currently reviewing ways to enhance the mealtime experience for residents. Apetito is a specialist food supplier providing meals to over 400 care homes and offers over 200 menu choices. They prepare all the meals off site and provide tasty food whilst at the same time offering a well-balanced and nutritional diet. Apetito are also a specialist provider of blended and fork mash able meals, suitable for residents with dysphagia.

The sample dishes served on the tasting day ranged from salmon Provençal, steak pie with flaky pastry top and chicken and broccoli bake. Pudding choices included an assortment of cakes, summer fruit crumble and sticky toffee pudding. Whilst everyone enjoyed the variety on offer, the steak pie and sticky toffee pudding appeared the most popular dishes. Apetito will work with the home to adapt the menus to suit what is popular with residents whilst still providing a balanced diet.

The day was enjoyed by both residents and staff alike and we hope to undertake a 3 month trial of the system very shortly with a further tasting day involving residents’ families. Watch this space for further developments…